[1]路荣春,王鸿斌,张 真,等.利用云南松挥发性化学物质监测和防治云南纵坑切梢小蠹的研究进展[J].西北林学院学报,2008,23(03):124.
 LU Rongchun,WANG Hongbin,ZHANG Zhen,et al.Research Advances on Using Pinus yunnanensis Volatiles to Monitor andControl Tomicus yunnanensis(Coleoptera: Scolytidae)[J].JOURNAL OF NORTHWEST FORESTRY UNIVERSITY,2008,23(03):124.

利用云南松挥发性化学物质监测和防治云南纵坑切梢小蠹的 研究进展()




Research Advances on Using Pinus yunnanensis Volatiles to Monitor and Control Tomicus yunnanensis(Coleoptera: Scolytidae)
路荣春 12 王鸿斌 2 张 真 2 金幼菊 1
1. 北京林业大学,北京 100083;2. 中国林业科学研究院 森林生态环境与保护研究所 国家林业局 森林保护学重点实验室,北京 100091
LU Rongˉchun 12 WANG Hongˉbin 2 ZHANG Zhen 2 JIN Youˉju 1
1.Beijing Forestry University, Beijing100083,China; 2.Research Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection, C hinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) Key Laboratory of Forest Protection of State Forestry Administration ,Beijing100091,China
Pinus yunnanensisTomicus yunnanensisplant volatiles
云南纵坑切梢小蠹是一种重要的林业害虫,对其进行有效的监测和防治对林业发 展和环境 保护具有重要的意义。近年来,利用植物的挥发性化学物质对其进行监测和防治的方法 受到人们 的广泛关注。针对云南纵坑切梢小蠹,综述了云南松挥发性化学成分的研究现状及利用 各种挥发 性成分诱集云南纵坑切梢小蠹的研究进展,同时简要介绍了国内外其他地区利用植物挥 发性化学 物质监测和防治小蠹类害虫的成功经验。
Tomicus yunnanensis is an extremely harmful forest pest. Its effective monitoring and control are important to the forestry development and environmental protection. In recent years, it has attracted peoˉ ple's much attention to use the plant volatiles to monitor and cont rol T. yunnanensis.The present paper mostly concerned was the T. piniperda which was discovered in Yunnan P rovince, the research advances on Pinus yunnanensis volatiles and using the volatiles to trap T. y unnanensis were reviewed, the successˉ ful experiences of using plant volatiles to monitor and control Sco lytidae was briefly summarized.


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收稿日期:2007ˉ07ˉ06 修回日期:2007ˉ10ˉ08 基金项目:北京林业大学研究生自选课 题资助基金(06jj065);引进国际先进农业科学技术项目(2002ˉ38);国际科技合作项目( 2006DFA31790)。 作者简介:路荣春(1981ˉ),男,吉林桦旬人,在读硕士,从事植物化 学生态研究。
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