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Analysis and Identification of Three New Clones of Populus deltoides Based on SSR Molecular Markers
李 薇1刘春英1郭 娟1王永进2樊军锋1*
1.西北农林科技大学 林学院,陕西 杨陵 712100;
2.岚皋县林业技术推广服务中心,陕西 岚皋 725400
LI Wei1 LIU Chun-ying1GUO Juan1 WANG Yong-jin2FAN Jun-feng1*
1.College of Forestry, Northwest A&F University, Yangling, Shaanxi 712100, China;
2.Forestry Technology Popularization Service Center of Langao County,Langao,Shaanxi 725400,China
美洲黑杨 SSR 品种鉴定 遗传多态性
Populus deltoides SSR cultivar identification genetic polymorphism
利用SSR-PCR的方法对6个美洲黑杨(Populus deltoides)无性系进行了基因组多态性分析。从30对引物中筛选出10对特异性引物并进行PCR扩增,共扩增出了132个位点,其中多态性位点125个,所占比率为94.69%,基因型间的平均遗传距离为0.45。聚类分析结果表明,各杨树无性系间存在一定的遗传差异,准确的反映了遗传差异对外部形态的反应。
Simple sequence repeat(SSR)was used to determine the genomic DNA variations and genetic relationships in Populus deltoides.Six cultivars were used in SSR analysis.A total of 10 SSR primers which were polymorphic and informative were selected to determine the genetic diversity and genetic relationships.One hundred and thirty two DNA bands were amplified,125 of which were polymorphic(94.69%).The average genetic distance between genotypes was 0.45.The cluster analysis demonstrated the existence of genetic differences between varieties of Populus,accurately reflecting the genetic differences in response to the external morphology of the reaction.


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