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 Behavioral Responses of Dendroctonus armandi (Coleopteran: Curculionidae: Scolytidae) to Volatiles of Chinese White Pine
 (西北农林科技大学 林学院,陕西 杨陵 712100)
 ZHAO Ming-zhen CHEN Hui* MA Chao
 (College of Forestry, Northwest A&F University, Yangling, Shaanxi 712100, China)
Dendroctonus armandi behavioral response Y-tube olfactometer volatile of Chinese white pine
 Behavior responses of laboratory adults of Dendroctonus armandi were tested to 11 major monoterpenes and volatile compounds from phloem of Pinus armandi by using a Y-tube olfactometer. The results showed that besides the avoidance effect of (S)-(β)-β-pinene on D. armandi, other ten monoterpenes tested could evoke approach behavior responses of male and female D. armandi at different concentrations, including α-phellandrene, (S)-(—)-β-pinene, (R)-(+)-α-pinene, (S)-(—)-α-pinene, (+)-camphene, (—)-camphene, (R)-(+)-limonene, (S)-(—)-limonene, 3-carene, β-myrcene, bornyl acetate and two volatile compounds from healthy and attacked host trees. Male and female bark beetles only showed approach behavior response to α-phellandrene when tested at a low concentration of volatile stimuli; male bark beetles showed approach response to α-phellandrene, (R)-(+)-α-pinene and 3-carene, while females showed approach response to (S)-(—)-α-pinene, α-phellandrene and (—)-camphene at a concentration level of 100 μg/μL; males showed more significant approach response to α-phellandrene and (R)-(+)-α-pinene than to (S)-(—)-α-pinene, (—)-camphene and 3-carene,whereas females were more sensitive to α-phellandrene than to (R)-(+)-α-pinene, (S)-(—)-α-pinene, (—)-camphene and 3-carene. There existed sex differences in behavioral responses of the D. armandi to some volatiles of Chinese white pine and D. armandi showed different behavioral responses to different volatiles at different concentration levels.


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